The Daily WHYYY?!? #1

This is the space in which I’m going to attempt to document the ridiculousness that is the reorganization of my office. Today’s installment is about envelopes. Specifically, these envelopes.

Sure, every office needs envelopes large and small. The problem is that the majority of these envelopes? Are used. As in, already written on and/or containing postage. USED. I promise you, my company is not so hard up that we cannot afford new envelopes. In fact, the exact opposite seems to be true, based on the sheer number of boxes of new envelopes ALL OVER THE OFFICE.

I might even understand saving envelopes that hadn’t been sealed, or that only had a small amount of easily-scratched-out writing. But most of the used envelopes had been sealed, torn open, addressed, and/or stamped. In no universe are these envelopes reusable for anything other than lining a parakeet cage or kindling. And so I offer up an arms-in-the-air, fist-shaking, “WHYYY?!?”


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