Tires, Travels, and Tyrannosoosaur Rex

I’m sitting at the tire place, waiting for them to change my tires over to studded winter tires. I would have waited to do this (not ready yet!), but I’m leaving later this morning for a short road trip with my sister and sister-in-law. The place we’re going is only accessible by going up and over a mountain pass and you never know what the weather is going to be like up there. Last year on this same trip, we went there in beautiful, warm, sunny weather and came back in a snow storm. So I wanted to make sure I gave myself every advantage.

We’ll get back from the trip on Saturday evening, and I’ll turn right around and head for the airport to go see my brother and other sister-in-law for a week. I got a new nephew in July and haven’t met him yet. And I haven’t seen my two-and-a-half-year-old niece in over a year. She’s so different now. She has OPINIONS. On THINGS. Well, on everything. She’s very bright, and the things she comes up with totally floor me sometimes. She loves dinosaurs, dragons, princesses, sharks and horses. But most especially dinosaurs. She knows all of the names for the different species and, for the most part, says them correctly. Which is sad, because it was cuter when she called them “soosaurs”. And her favorites were “Tyrannosoosaur Rex”, “Brachiosoosaur” and “Paraloafer” (Parasaurolophus). So I can’t wait to give her the “break the ice” present I made her.

I saw something similar on Pinterest and couldn’t believe it was as simple as described. It totally was! The most time-consuming part was actually cutting the felt. The sewing took no time at all. So now my niece has a dinosaur hoodie to go tromping around in. And it was really difficult (for some reason) to find a basic hoodie in anything smaller than a 4/5 in big kids sizes. She’s in a 3T right this minute, so it’ll be big on her for a while. But the good thing is that she’ll be able to wear it longer as well.

So, no work for the next ten days. I really need the break (although, I’m not looking forward to the long plane flights) and I’m glad for a chance to just breathe. And play with a silly kid. And hold a baby. That’s my happy place.


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