Oh Crappy Day!

Thanks to the amazing Doing My Best, I’m get to participate in a Crappy Day Present exchange. Basically, you send (and receive) a box full of small gifts to hold in reserve in the unfortunate (but now made more fortunate) event of a crappy day. The idea is that when you have a crappy day, you get to open a present! In order for the person giving to me to know me a little bit better, I answered a bunch of questions and sent them via email. But! There’s stuff I forgot about in my haste to register. These are presented in no particular order and may or may not relate to one another. These aren’t answers to specific questions from some list, just a random collection of information.

  • I can’t stand coffee, but I love tea. I like almost all teas except for fruity teas. Honey Vanilla Chamomile (from Celestial Seasonings) and Winter Dream Tea (from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) are a couple of my favorites. My grandmother used to hold tea parties with us kids when we were little. When she passed away, I got one of her teapots, and it’s one of my favorite things.
  • I love sports in general, baseball in particular, and the Chicago Cubs in sickness and in health. My love for the Cubs is inherited, not chosen. No one would voluntarily be a Cubs fan. But my 90-year-old grandfather is a life-long fan and I couldn’t escape it. I got to go to Wrigley Field for the very first time in April and it was incredible.
  • Anyone who follows me on Twitter (or understands the title of this blog) knows I love the TV show Friends. My sister Elise and I quote it to each other constantly and will still laugh at almost every episode. Even the ones we’ve seen a thousand times.
  • Other TV shows I love include The West Wing, Friday Night Lights, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, How I Met Your Mother and Psych.
  • I like to do jigsaw puzzles.
  • I’m a ridiculously picky eater and avoid most condiments like the plague. The few exceptions are ketchup, ranch dressing, and salsa (but only recently). Well, if salsa is a condiment. You know what? My list, my rules. It’s a condiment.
  • The mascot for my sorority (I know, I know) is a ladybug, so I have a small collection of ladybug things.
  • I love most watermelon-flavored things.
  • In lieu of coffee in the morning, I usually have a Diet Pepsi. Sometimes, it’s welcome. Sometimes, it’s a kick in the teeth. Most of the time it’s both.
  • I took ballet classes for ten years and I still fall down all the time.,
  • I’m a procrastinator by nature, but fight against it as hard as I can. I’m also naturally disorganized and have had to force myself to learn ways of organizing that make sense to my brain but don’t mean a total mess for everyone else. I don’t always succeed at doing that.
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • Strangely, my house is not at all decorated in blue. Maybe because I wear so much of it.
  • I’m 5’11”. I’m the shortest “child” in my family (out of four).
  • I own a LOT of shoes, but I would rather be barefoot as much as possible. That’s not terribly practical where I live, so shoes it is.
  • My favorite holiday to celebrate is Christmas, because I love choosing just the right gifts for people.
  • My favorite holiday to eat is Thanksgiving, because I love mashed potatoes. I mean, the turkey and gravy’s great, too. But potatoes are my love language.
  • I have a large collection of trays. You know, like the melamine ones they sell at Target or wherever, with the fun patterns? Elise says I have a sickness. I say it’s important to be prepared for any hostessing emergencies that may unexpectedly arise. (And yes, I have used almost all of them at one time or another.)
  • I like whiskey. Particularly Crown Royal. It’s a holdover from going to college for (and working in) a quasi-blue-collar, male-dominated field. You either drank Gin and Tonics or Crown and Cokes. And I’m sorry, but gin tastes like chewing on pine trees to me. (Not in a good way. Wait. Is there a good way?)

So, that’s a little about me. I have a lot more strange quirks and preferences, but I either don’t remember them, or am afraid my strangeness will drive you away. That’s more like 30th-post material, yes? I’m, strangely, looking forward to a crappy day now. I’ve had enough of them lately that I’m glad I’ll finally have something to look forward to at the end of them. I’ve also had a blast doing the shopping for my person. Hopefully she likes the presents I found. I might have gone a little overboard, but the more the merrier, right?


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