Great Fullness

Hold the phone. This weekend was about gratefulness, not great fullness? I think I might have done it wrong.

Like many people, I had a four-day weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday. The long weekend was sorely needed, mainly because I never feel like I have enough time or energy to do anything when I get home from work except stare at the TV and then drag my booty to bed. Work is starting to let up a little from the insanity that was September and October. However, the dark and cold are starting to have an effect on my energy and activity level. Combine that with the two hours of commuting (longer if there’s a wreck because people are stupid and can’t drive in the snow) and you have an evening-and-weekend zombie.

After work on Wednesday, we went to my brother’s house to hang out with my sister-in-law who was making pies, including the one I was contributing. By that, I mean I bought the ingredients but she was making the pie. And by that, I really mean Elise bought the ingredients and gave them to my sister-in-law to make the pie. (See above regarding working too much.) We watched a couple of movies. And by that, I mean I watched one and slept through another. We went home about 11:00 PM, and I went right to bed.

I woke up on Thanksgiving morning at around 8:30. I was so excited because this gave me just enough time to shower and start watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from the beginning. I know the parade (and NBC’s coverage of it) is totally kitschy, cheesy, and ridiculous…but I can’t help it. I love it. There’s an overpowering nostalgia attached to it that I can’t ignore. I figured Elise would wake up once I started banging around the house and watch it with me but no dice. Instead, I set the DVR to record the parade (so we could watch it together) and cast around for something to do.

Here’s the interesting thing: I had a ton of energy. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. For once, I felt like I had had enough sleep, I didn’t have a headache, I didn’t have to be anywhere for a while, and I had a quiet house to myself. I often spend my Saturdays feeling like I was run over by a truck (or at the very least, a compact car). Not on Thanksgiving! So much energy! I showered, did two loads of laundry, took out the garbage, emptied the dishwasher, and made coffee for Elise, all before 9:30. I thoroughly surprised myself with the amount of stuff I got done. And then I realized that it probably had everything to do with the fact that I had only worked (and commuted) for three days prior to my day off instead of five. I was only 60% as worn out as a normal week!

Elise finally woke up, so the parade started along with the good-natured snark. Sometimes I wish I could record the conversations we have around here, because my sister is one of the funniest people I know but her humor is highly situational and can be difficult to recall after the fact. Suffice it to say there was a lot of snickering and some choking on various drinks.

Then I tried my hand at my mom’s scalloped corn recipe. I actually don’t eat it, but my brother loves it and my mom and dad are out of town this year. Someone had to bring it for him. (I’m such a good sister, right?) We packed up the scalloped corn and Elise’s fresh-baked rolls and headed to my sister-in-law’s parents’ house. I love that we have this tradition. Our families have gone to church together for almost twenty-five years and my brother’s wedding eight years ago only brought us all closer. Now, whoever’s in town gets together at her parents’ house and it’s a hootenanny. We had turkey, ham, two kinds of stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, seven layer dip, several different kinds of salad, a veggie tray, rolls, and pie. Oh, so much pie.

Just SOME of the pie.

This year, we had so much pie that each of us could have had half of a pie to ourselves. And believe me, I tried. (I was not successful.) Also, I assume the corn was fine because my brother ate it, some other people ate it, and I didn’t have to bring any home.

I really wasn’t planning on going shopping on Black Friday (or, heaven forbid, on Thanksgiving itself.) But some noise woke me up before six o’clock, so I texted my brother (who works at Target) to find out how busy the store was. I wound up with a new Dyson vacuum, a new Christmas tree, some Christmas presents, and a bunch of cheap movies. I was home by seven and (after a nap) we proceeded to zone out in front of new movies for the rest of the day. I think the total number of movies consumed this weekend was at least seven. It was probably closer to ten.

Saturday morning brought music rehearsal for Sunday morning church. Saturday afternoon brought Chinese food and a mad rush to clean the house. Saturday evening brought spaghetti and a visit from my best friend and her family. This included my niece, the charming Little L.

This is the clearest picture I got of her all night because she never stops moving.

At seven months old, she’s crawling, pulling herself up, and trying to run any time she’s on her feet and holding on to someone’s hands. She wants to eat anything you’re eating and has two teeth just starting to poke through. I can’t get enough of that kid.

All in all, it was a great weekend. It was a much-needed break. And, despite my earlier flippant words, it was full of lots of the things for which I am most grateful.


2 thoughts on “Great Fullness

  1. I like you. I just thought you should know. I’ve also texted it to you and told you on twitter and in the comments on my blog, but I realized I’ve never commented here and that’s a DAMN SHAME (I won’t swear on my blog, but I have no scruples about yours. TURKEY ASS HELL BUTT DAMN FART.).

    See what I did there with the parentheses and the periods? You’re welcome.


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