After the insanity of yesterday, I decided I needed a little best friend time. We try to get together at least one night a week anyway for dinner, TV watching, and baby snuggles (for me). So when she was available last night, I jumped at the chance. When I got to her house, she had a Crappy Day Present all packaged up and annotated for me!


The contents included:

  • Silly Putty (to take my mind off of things)
  • Baby Lotion (because it’s the same kind they use on Little L and I always comment that she smells delicious after her bath)
  • Kleenex (in case I need to shed a few tears)
  • Band-Aids (she apologized for not being able to find any large enough to fit the car)
  • Soup (for comfort)
  • My favorite Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea (to calm my nerves)
  • Chocolate (obviously)

Not pictured: Diet Pepsi (so I could add whiskey to it).

She knew exactly what I needed. And mainly what I needed was a good laugh. She’s just the best.

Pain status update: not as sore as I expected. I have a bruised spot on my left collarbone where the seatbelt rests. My neck is sore on the right side, as are my right arm and chest muscles. By low back is a little sore. But overall I feel decent and definitely not as stiff as I feared I would be. I’m so thankful that it wasn’t worse. That we weren’t going highway speeds. That it didn’t involve any additional vehicles. That I’m OK.

And finally, the whole world is talking about love today. So I thought I’d share this video. I just love this song and I think the video for it is adorable. I sincerely hope you are feeling loved in some way today, no matter your romantic attachments or lack thereof.


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