Catching Up

My optimism about work in the last post has proven to be spot-on. My new boss has been here a little over two months now and things could not be better. Well, let me rephrase that. Things with him and how we work together could not be better. He’s making a lot of changes and, while they sometimes make life painful and difficult, I can see the goal and it’s going to be good. There was so much inefficiency and waste in how we were operating and that’s changing in some huge ways.

There are still some unbloggable things that are waiting to shake out. But when they do? Life at work is going to be magical. Well, as magical as work can actually be. I can’t believe what a difference that one guy has made in how I feel about my job. It has turned from something I slogged through because it paid the bills to something that energizes (and exhausts) me because it’s challenging and fun.

If it feels like I’m gushing, I apologize, but I really never thought things would change at work. All of my complaints over the last year and a half felt like things I was just going to have to live with. And now someone has come in and told me I don’t have to live with them and in fact it was crazy that I ever had to in the first place. And I just feel so…validated. And (dare I say it?) appreciated. It’s a pretty heady feeling.

Summer was very slow in showing up in the Far North this year but it has finally arrived with gusto. It snowed on May 18th. And then the second week of June started a run of record breaking HEAT. We rarely see 80 degrees, much less the 90-degree weather we had for a couple of days. All of the stores were sold out of fans because no one here has air conditioning in their homes.

May 18th on the top, June 22 on the bottom

May 18th on the top, June 22 on the bottom

The last few days have been cooler, but we’re slated for another run of high 70s and low 80s nest week. I am soaking up as much sun as I can without turning in to a lobster. The only downside to this kind of weather is that the wildfire danger ratchets up pretty quickly. I wouldn’t mind a couple of days of rain and then we can go back to sun and warmth. The last two or three summers have been mostly cool, drizzly, and depressing so we were kind of due. I’m enjoying the heck out of it.

Since I last posted, Little L turned one. She has always been fun but watching her make leaps forward in skills and language has been enchanting. She had about 25-30 words when she turned one and they’re uncountable now, two months later. She knows a cow says “moo”, a horse says “neigh” and a rooster says “cock-a-loo” (well, that one is close, anyway). She brings me books and plops herself right in my lap so I can read to her. When the book is done, she grabs it and puts it back in my hands, saying, “Peas? ‘Gain? Peas?” She dances whenever music comes on. Said dancing mostly consists of her shaking one arm in the air and doing wobbly booty squats. Or she insists on being picked up so you can dance with her.

She has THINGS. To SAY.

She has THINGS. To SAY.

She and I have games that are just ours, like when I hold a blanket up in front of me and she runs at me so I can wrap her up and give her kisses. I can make her laugh just by laughing at her myself. She knows my name and yells it from the top of the stairs when she knows it’s me coming in the front door. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Sometimes I wonder if she’s the closest thing I’ll ever get to having my own kids. While it would break my heart for that to be the case, I’m pretty sure she would make it at least a little bit easier. I mean, just look at her.




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