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This is not a real post. Any resemblance the following may have to a real post is pure coincidence.


I’ve been shopping for CDPs lately, since the deadline to send is next Wednesday. Sometimes I feel like the shopping is even more fun than receiving my own stash. I love picking out this and that, thinking about what little packages would make me smile on a crappy day. Today, I went shopping with my mom, and it was even more fun. I loved seeing her suggestions and how our tastes in pattern/color/texture compare. Have I mentioned my mom is the best?


I have been needing a new bag for work because my backpack is starting to fall apart. (Also because I’m almost 31 and carrying a backpack is getting a little ridiculous.) I was hoping for a shoulder bag with a laptop sleeve, but I’m cheap, so my options are limited. I ran across one (this one is similar) on clearance at Target today but was still balking at the price ($21 down from $42). I hemmed and hawed and my mom finally convinced me that I would spend more than that replacing my backpack with another backpack, so I put it in the cart. When I got to the register, it rang up at $12.58. I freaking love when that happens.


I’m debating writing a password-protected post to try to explain what’s been going on at work for the last couple of months. The story is full of secrets, intrigue, and sordid affairs, but I’m not sure it will be interesting to anyone but me. I may still write it, even if it is just for me, because I have a feeling it will be good to look back on it in a couple of months and be relieved that that chapter is over. I certainly hope that chapter is well and truly over.


I know I’m probably pretty late to this party (like most other things in life), but I am currently obsessed with Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butter, particularly the Berry Smoothie color. It goes on smoothly and evenly, has great color, and feels like a lip balm. For me, it’s a really nice compromise between lip gloss (which tends to be sticky) and actual lipstick (which tends to look terrible on my typically dry lips).


At 15 months old, L is mastering what the animals say. So far, she knows most farm animals (horse, cow, duck, turkey, rooster, lamb) and a few other animals (frog, kitty, doggy, bear). We’re still working on pig. She will also attempt just about any other word you ask her to say, so we have some fun. My favorite is hippopotamus, which pretty consistently comes out “hem-a-thiss”. Not too bad, all things considered.

She’s obsessed with music, particularly Florida-Georgia Line’s “Shine On”. Any time she sees someone’s phone she’ll say “Sine on? Sine on?” until you put it away (and sometimes not even then). She loves the ABC song and can count with you through seven (you say “one”, she says “two”, and so on).


A local furniture store has been running an advertisement for table-and-chair ensembles. Among other things, the ad recommends purchasing a “full dining room suit”. Now, I assume they mean “suite” and can understand a typo getting through on a print ad. Except this isn’t a print ad. It’s a radio ad. Which means that not only did the typo get through, but the voice actor read it and didn’t think anything was wrong. It makes me giggle every time I hear it.*

*My sincerest apologies if said store really has branched out and is now selling menswear specific to different rooms of the house. But my guess is no.


5 thoughts on “This and That

    • Ha! I figured out of anyone, you would. Ahhh, mutual commiseration. I started writing it, but I think I’m going to have to use actual aliases. It’s getting really confusing with only job or relationship titles.

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the box of CDPs you sent me a couple months ago. I just opened the nail kit, which how did you know I NEEEEDED one of those? And it’s in a little alpaca bag? You are amazing.

    Also I would love to read the work post!

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