Day One

I’m going to attempt NaBloPoMo. I’ve never done it before, so I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. Is there a thing I need to do to sign up, officially? Or do I just say, “Hey, guys! I’m doing this!”? I’m not much for formality, so:

Hey, guys! I’m doing this! We’ll see how long this lasts.


I can’t stop thinking about how easy the Christmas Countdown Chains would be to make, and how much fun it would be to give them as gifts, so I did a little fabric shopping. Okay, a LOT of fabric shopping. (And now I can’t seem to stop, but that’s a different story.)

For the first set, I went traditional Christmas. Reds and greens everywhere.


I think my favorite of this set is the top one. The little coins are so cute! For the second set, I went a little less traditional and a little more fancy.


I think my favorite of this set is the pink dots. I love that shade of pink. Finding good fabric around here can be kind of difficult, since the only places we have are Joann Fabrics, Walmart, and boutique (read: expensive) quilt shops. Sometimes I can’t find exaaaactly what I want and I have to remind myself to go with “good enough” or go without. I think I did pretty good this time around, though.

Funny story: when I was at Joann last night, the woman cutting my fabric asked what I was making. (I get the impression they’re required to ask as part of the “customer experience” or what have you.) So I briefly filled her in and showed her the photo I had taken. At which point she says, “Oh, that’s so cool! If I give you my number will you text that to me?”

*record scratch*

Huh? You want me to…what? Am I alone in thinking that’s an odd thing to ask of a complete stranger? I found myself agreeing out of shock so she wrote her number down and gave it to me. I haven’t followed through. I don’t know if I will. But it totally reminded me of the SNL skit about Target with Kristin Wiig as the inappropriate checkout lady. I was waiting for her to cut a half yard for me then a half yard for herself out of each fabric.

I’m really hoping to drag out my sewing machine tomorrow (I have zero out-of-the-house plans!), so maybe I’ll have some finished products to show by the end of the weekend.

(BOOM! Day One in the bag, even though it’s already Day Two for most of you. IT COUNTS.)


3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. I need to know how a person becomes a person who sews. Not that I want to be a person who sews, because I have too many other types of person I want to be that have been waiting in line way too long. But the type of person who sews – is it something your mother/grandmother/other family member did that you also did because it was around you in the house, thus it felt natural for you to purchase or receive a sewing machine as a gift? Or does a person just decide they’d LIKE TO LEARN to sew, and then go out and PURCHASE a sewing machine, which is a pretty big investment into a hobby they don’t yet have? Albeit a rather practical hobby, assuming you turn out to be basically capable at it. Also, it seems to be one of those SEMI-assumed skills, like when I’m reading a craft instructional that I don’t actually REALLY intend to ever do, it will say something like, “and then just do a quick hem,” RULING IT OUT FOREVER, and there’s something in the TONE of “do a quick hem” that leads me to understand that PEOPLE understand that not EVERYONE just “does a quick hem,” but still, a fair NUMBER of people can indeed “do a quick hem. But I can’t – not by skill, current or forgotten, or by equipment. So if Penelope would LIKE TO, she’s on her own.


    • So, I kind of cheated and used your comment as fodder for my next post, to talk about how I became a Person Who Sews. But I think it happens in all kinds of ways.

      And yes, Penny might be starting out behind in the realm of sew-craft, by lack of family tradition. But there’s no reason she can’t choose it for herself later. And she’s starting out way ahead on other things, like makeup-craft and baking-craft and World-of-War-craft. Those are all things you are giving her. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be just fine, hobby-wise, because you and Phil will encourage her to find things she loves to do and experience.

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