My Weekend, My Hero

It has been an absolutely lovely weekend. I spent it doing exactly the things I wanted to do. I slept in, watched TV, sewed, and blogged. I went to church, got pizza, and sewed some more. It was totally low-key and very much needed. The end of last week was a little rough on a couple of levels (mostly work and hormones), so it was a treat not to have any plans.

I had an unprecedented TWO sleep-in days this weekend. Add that to the extra hour because of the time change, and I’m feeling pretty good. During the week, my alarm starts going off at 4:15 so I look forward to Saturday all freaking week. I usually guard my Saturday sleep-in pretty jealously, but last week I went to the craft sale instead. And Sunday sleep-ins rarely happen, since I sing for church and have to be there by eight. But I had this week off of singing, so I went to the 11:00 service. TWO sleep-ins!

For those of you with kids, I understand how all the sleep talk could be seen as bragging and I apologize. I promise that I’m aware I’m lucky. I also promise I would gladly give up my sleep-in days for children. I wouldn’t think twice. But the way I figure it, I fully plan on having children some day, so why not enjoy the opportunities to sleep in while I still have them? Me depriving myself of sleep now isn’t going to make Future Me feel any better, and it certainly won’t make Present Me feel any better. So I’m going to continue to laze around in bed until 10:30 on Saturdays and enjoy it.

By going to the 11:00 service this morning, I left the house in the daylight for the first time in weeks. It’s going to happen less and less as winter really sets in. I think it’s probably time to crack out the Happy Light. I’m still feeling pretty good since it has still been warm (50+!) with no snow yet, but it’s coming. The classic winter weather is unusually late this year; we typically have trick-or-treaters in the snow. It’s my boss’s first winter here, and I think he is starting to doubt that all of our horror stories are based in fact. Maybe the 90-degree summer and the lack of snow are God’s way of convincing him to stick around.

I’m almost done with my sewing project (just the Velcro to go). I think I’ll do a tutorial of it when I’m finished. I couldn’t find one online that was exactly what I was looking for, so I mostly made it up. It’s the first time I’ve really done that! And now that I’ve done it once and figured out the process, I think it’ll go faster next time.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and I think the rest and relaxation will make next week go a little smoother than the last.


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