Maximum Monday

All of that wishing and hoping I was doing last night that this week would be smoother? Ha! Hahaha! Today was a 100%, maximum Monday. From the minute I walked in the door…no, back up…from a phone call on the way to work, up to the minute I left, it was full of the kind of ridiculousness only a Monday can provide.

To start with, a key employee who mans a satellite post by himself seven miles away from the main location didn’t show up. Several phone calls and texts were for naught, and the post must be manned. That meant I was down a person at the main location. When someone was finally able to get a hold of the original guy, hours later, he said he overslept. He didn’t seem to understand what the big fuss was.

Can I digress for a moment? Of course I can. My blog, my rules.

I seem to have noticed a pattern in some of the young men that we hire for temporary labor. (Maybe it happens with women too, but we tend to employ far more men.) Our “temporary” can range from a couple of months in the summer, to years, to getting hired on full-time. There is always the possibility of getting hired on full-time if you prove you’re willing to work hard and learn new things. Now, I personally can’t imagine just not showing up for work one day, no phone call, no notice. But it doesn’t seem to bother them in the slightest. They eventually show up the next day, or the day after that, thinking they still have a job. How is this a thing? I understand being sick or having a family emergency. It happens to everyone. But you can’t just…not call. There are people depending on you to take care of your assigned work. There are also people willing to take your job if you really don’t want it, which is what we tend to assume if you don’t call. The lack of consideration and professionalism just makes me seethe.

Phew. I feel better.

So this guy finally shows up, which means the person seven miles away can come back to the main location, which means I can go back to my own job. Then my boss decides that something we had scheduled to take effect Wednesday should actually take effect tomorrow. That would be fine, if it were all up to me. But there are about four other people involved in the (lengthy) process and a whole host of notifications that have to be given before the thing can take effect. Spoiler alert: I ran out of time for all of the notifications today. I’m going to have a few rough conversations in the morning.

I finish up the main portions of that process just in time for my 1:30 regional conference call, which always takes about an hour. It actually wasn’t too painful today, but it still takes time to talk through everything. Once that’s done, my boss starts rehashing what we decided would take effect tomorrow. I had to tell him bluntly that it was simply too late to make changes.

I finally head out to grab some food…at 3:00. People on the East Coast were putting their kids to BED before I was able to break away for lunch. I skipped breakfast this morning, which is always a bad move, but I just wasn’t hungry earlier. As a result, I’d been fueled solely on Diet Pepsi and goldfish crackers all day. Then I made the mistake of taking my food back to work to eat. Yeah, no. Not so much. Bites of sandwich in between phone calls and soup slurping in between customers does not a lunchtime make. I ended up giving the last third of my sandwich to my boss because I had simply lost interest.

The rest of the day was just filled with those little annoyances that, on any other day, or taken individually, are totally fine. But all piled up one after the other just made me want to cry. I avoided it, but narrowly.

But! (Brightsiding Alert!) My commute was much smoother than usual. My parents are coming home tonight from visiting my sister in Texas. I came home to leftover Halloween candy (KitKats and Reese’s, WOO!). I opened a CDP with great, cheery colors of nail polish in it. I finished my sewing project (tutorial hopefully coming tomorrow). And I still managed to post today.


4 thoughts on “Maximum Monday

  1. Lack of lunch breaks were breaking me, so now I almost always leave my desk for lunch or I won’t feel like I got a break at all. Hope the rest of the week is uneventful!

  2. I really have nothing new to add since we talked yesterday through your sandwiching, but I’m Becoming a Person Who Comments, dammit, so here’s a comment. I, too, opened a CDP with bright cheery colors of nail polish in it when I got home yesterday. Because I had just been abandoned by said parents and also I have A LOT of CDPs left from when I absent-mindedly started hoarding them. Anyway, I got orange and silver and lime green nail polish. I think I’m going to try them out tonight. What did YOU get?

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