Winter is Coming

In the Far North, winter comes early. This year, we had our first snowfall on the 23rd of September. That’s about three weeks earlier than normal. It was especially depressing since our last snowfall of the previous winter was the 20th of May. Four months of summer. That’s it. Now, I can’t really complain since almost half of that summer was spent at abnormally high temperatures. Like 90 degrees. I’ve lived here for the better part of 25 years and never seen a hotter summer. But it was still short. When it started snowing that Monday in September, I thought sure we were in for a hellish winter.

Except… It hasn’t really started yet. It hasn’t snowed again. At all. We could have easily had four feet of snow and -25 degrees (yes, that’s a negative). Instead, we’ve had rain and mud and 50 degrees.

I know in my head that we’re still losing daylight every day, but I can’t seem to reconcile that with no snow. Even with the end of Daylight Saving Time, it doesn’t quite feel like winter without the snow to indicate it. So we’re all just sitting in limbo, waiting for the inevitable to come, watching the ten-day forecast roll on with no snow in sight.

Pro: My commute remains easy and relatively hassle-free.

Con: When the snow finally comes, people are going to be even more stupid on the road than usual, due to being rusty.

Pro: No shoveling the driveway.

Con: Mud creates a whole different set of problems. The potholes in my driveway have potholes of their own.

Pro: Not having to bundle up in hats, scarves, and gloves.

Con: Being totally unprepared when it actually gets below freezing (like today).

Pro: No snow to reflect the light and blind you at inopportune times.

Con: No snow to reflect the light and make the short days feel brighter.

Pro: No snow to Trick-or-Treat through on Halloween.

Con: What if there’s no snow for Thanksgiving? WHAT IF THERE’S NO SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS?!

Pro: No scraping ice off the windshield.

Con: Still scraping bugs off the windshield.

Whenever the snow comes, it will certainly bring mixed feelings. I’m just thankful right now for the temporary reprieve. And at least I’m ready to combat the darkness with my little Happy Light.



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