Not To Be Trusted

I don’t have much to say today, but I was afraid if I didn’t post on my lunch hour, I would get to it at all today. I’ve been fighting a sinus headache since yesterday, so I apologize if my thoughts seem jumbled. In fact, I KNOW my thoughts are jumbled.

My brain works at about quarter-speed when I have a headache. This morning I almost put face wash in my hair instead of on my face. There was already conditioner in my hair at the time, too. Then I skipped two different steps in my makeup routine that should be second nature and didn’t realize until I’d already left the house. I changed my shirt at the last second because I couldn’t find the sweater I was going to wear (that I KNOW I saw yesterday). This meant that I had to change the earrings I had already put in. This would have been fine if I’d changed them both, but no. I took both of the old ones out and only put one new one in. I noticed it three hours later, at work. I got breakfast at Burger King and when I turned the corner to leave the drive-thru, my very necessary giant Diet Coke tipped in the center console cup holder, pouring Diet Coke straight down the outside of my leg and pooling in the seat under my butt.

So I showed up to work with a headache, bad makeup, one earring, and a soaked butt. Then I went to put a Diet Pepsi in the freezer so it would get cold faster and found the one I put in there yesterday in my headachen stupor and apparently forgot about. Frozen solid. Then it took me four tries to say the word “superfluous”. (I know that doesn’t sound like a big one, but I could NOT make my mouth cooperate.)

All I’m saying is that this isn’t the day to trust me with state secrets, try to teach me French, or ask me to disarm a bomb. Try again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Not To Be Trusted

  1. Gah reading this reminded me I have edamame in the work freezer that I’ve been meaning to take home for a week. I swear work freezers are black holes of forgetting.

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