Little Full, Lotta Sap

About noon today, I got a text message from my brother that simply said, “Pizza?” I instantly replied, “I’m in.” See, my sister-in-law makes killer homemade pizza dough. As long as I bring the pineapple and Canadian bacon, she makes a pizza all for me. Then I get to take the leftovers home. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

After pizza, we usually find something to watch on Netflix. Tonight we found Christmas Vacation in the list. My brother and I started laughing over the memory of one Christmas at my grandparents’ (we think it was 1990) with all fourteen grandkids laying around watching that and Home Alone over and over and over again. (I’m sure the adults were THRILLED.) We watched Home Alone last week, so it was pretty much a given we were going to watch Christmas Vacation tonight. Plus, as my brother pointed out, not only had my sister-in-law never seen Christmas Vacation, she’d never seen a Chevy Chase movie at all. It was time.

Side note: we’re friends with a family whose last name is Griswold. Before we sat down, my brother texted our friend and said, “We’re about to watch Christmas Vacation. I’m looking forward to learning more about your family through this highly-acclaimed documentary.” He has yet to respond.

So I’m pretty sure I haven’t watched this movie since that Christmas and…um…a LOT of the jokes went right over my head at that age. I also don’t remember this much swearing or side-boob in it. I’m a little surprised my parents let us watch it, but it may have been a case of, “Whatever. There are fourteen children in this house and they’re not fighting with each other or running around like lunatics.”

I came to a similar realization after watching Home Alone last week. It reads totally different now than it used to. As a kid, you think, “Woo! House all to myself! That would be so cool!” As an adult, the premise is terrifying. Your kid is alone in your house and you’re an entire ocean away and can’t get to him. Not cool! Not cool at all!

Are there any movies from your childhood that are entirely different to you now that you’re an adult?


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