Saturday Miscellany

I bought some more Christmas fabric today. My mom picked it out for me to make a chain for my grandpa who will be 92 in December. How could I say no? He’s a calendar guy and also very much enjoys Christmas. He and my grandma always threw a big family and friends Christmas party and he continued it for years after she died. I hope he’ll get a kick out of it.


It finally snowed! It started mid-morning and lasted most of the day. Of course, everyone drives like little old ladies during the first snow. So on my way home from town, when we were going 30 in a 55 mph zone, I started mentally bitching about people who can’t drive. Then I tried to brake and suddenly understood. What had been snow a couple of hours before, when I drove IN to town, was now freezing rain and a sheet of glare ice. So 30 it was.


I had a chicken bacon ranch sub from my favorite sandwich place for lunch. There’s really no point to telling you that. I just really, really like this sandwich place. If any of you ever make it up to the Far North to visit me, that’s going to be one of our first stops. It’s kitschy and local and so, SO good. Mmmmm.


My sister put a deposit on an apartment in Texas today. I think she was bummed I didn’t feel more gravity in the situation but for me, it’s not that big of a deal. I was 99% sure when she left that she wouldn’t be coming back. She was less sure. I’m sad for ME to be without her here, but I’m so excited about her future there. She’s absolutely where she needs to be and now she’s putting down roots.


Satan’s Cat has been having some issues lately. I took her to the vet a couple of weeks ago and they gave her some antibiotics. She perked up for a bit, then got worse again, so I took her again this morning. It turns out she has stones in her bladder, so we did another shot of antibiotics and put her on a special diet. If the stones dissolve on their own, she’ll be put on a preventative diet. I’m glad she’ll be OK and that it’s nothing serious, but I’m bummed I just bought three bags of her normal food on a really good sale. Anyone in the market or some Purina Cat Chow, Indoor Formula?


6 thoughts on “Saturday Miscellany

  1. Oddly, that is the brand we feed our kitties, mixed with the urinary health kind for my crank old lady cat who had frequent UTIs and was on Rx food for a couple of years. She’s better now. So, have hope. Also, if she’s a fussy eater, you may want to mix the 2 foods for a bit so she adjusts.

    • Well, if all else fails, Bagels is already moving other stuff, right? What’s a little cat food?

      Seriously though, that’s good to hear. Maybe this won’t be forever. And I put the special food in a separate dish next to her other food. When she runs out of her normal food, I won’t refill, she’ll only have special food to choose from. The vet advised against actually mixing them together.

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