Ups and Downs

My brother bagged a very large moose tonight. I know hunting isn’t for everyone, but this ensures them a full freezer of meat (probably around 600 pounds) this winter.

I stayed up until midnight finishing last night’s post, so I only got about four hours of sleep. I had a low-grade headache all day because of it. I know better than that.

Finishing my post last night means I’m still going strong on NaBloPoMo and I’m really proud of myself for it. I really wasn’t sure what this was going to look like, but it’s been good for me.

My best friend is losing her job here in February. One of her options is to find another job here. Another option is to stay with her company but move away. Like, out-of-state away. She told me today they are very seriously considering moving. I can’t even begin to think about what that would mean for me. I can’t imagine not having them here. I can’t imagine not meeting for lunch whenever we want. I can’t imagine not watching Little L grow up.

I got my annual bonus at work today, and it was significantly more than I thought it would be. Almost four times what (very, very small amount) I thought it would be. Hooray for extra monies!

The roads were really crappy today from the four inches of snow we got last night on top of the rain we got yesterday morning. Tomorrow’s commute isn’t looking much better.

Up and Down:
We found out about a year ago that my mom’s brain tumor is back (remember the piece they had to leave behind?). It had been three years since her last scans and the tumor had started to regrow in that time. But we found out late last week that the tumor is unchanged in a year and, barring development of other symptoms, the doctor feels comfortable waiting another year to do the next set of scans. This is really good news, as the longer we can delay surgery, the better the technology gets.

What are your ups and downs?


4 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. I’ve had a headache since Friday, and I think it’s because of eye strain so I’m going to have to go get my eyes checked, which means I have half a box of contacts that are probably not going to get used.

    And we always get our bonus the first week in December, but this year they decided to move it up to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving! Hurray for actually having money for Black Friday!

  2. I hate all of the downs in this post on your behalf. But I also really like the good news about Mom. It would have been nice to hear it somewhere other than your blog, but hey! I’m the one who moved across the country, so it’s probably my fault anyway. šŸ˜‰ Also, YAY FOR MONIES!

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