Lunchtime Interloper

I’ve been running solid for almost twenty hours now, so this will be brief, but I couldn’t break the streak.

Based on the burn up on reentry today, I shouldn’t have been quite so smug about getting out of Monday yesterday. My morning culminated in an unexpected outdoor tour of a customer’s facility at eight degrees below zero. By the time lunch rolled around, I was frazzled and cold. A coworker and I decided to run out and grab something to eat together.

The whole way to the restaurant, my phone was blowing up with emails from various people with various fires that needed extinguishing. I was trying to finish up a response to one of them as the hostess seated us, so my face was in my phone the whole way to the table. I shrugged out of my coat, laid it on the booth seat next to me and settled in. From the booth behind me, I heard a little voice chattering away. I try to be very understanding of parents at restaurants, and I love kids, so it didn’t bother me when I saw a little girl toddling around the side of our booth. I smiled at her and then did a double take.

I knew the little face, peeking up at me! It was this face, in fact:


It turns out my best friend and her husband were having lunch in the next booth. In my email oblivion, I had totally missed them! I got to firm up dinner plans with them and got bonus lunchtime baby snuggles, both of which were sorely needed today. Unexpected baby snuggles are a great midday pick-me-up. Highly recommend.


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