Seven Things

I swear I have longer, more significant posts in me somewhere. I have several that are kind of marinating about in my head, but I haven’t had the time to do them justice. The last couple of days have just taken it out of me. So maybe just a quick-hits-style post tonight.

1. My best friend moving away is looking like a stronger and stronger possibility and I can’t even think about it for too long or I start to lose it.

2. The building committee I volunteered for at church is going really well and things are moving quickly. I think it helps that there are only four of us and the roles are pretty clearly defined. In addition to my other responsibilities to the committee, I’m going to be maintaining a blog for updates to the congregation at large. I’m going to have to walk such a fine line between people feeling like they’re informed and people feeling like they’re involved. You can’t build a church building by a committee of 300. Someone has to make the hard decisions. Not every suggestion will be used. In fact, most of them won’t. The problem is how to make that clear without hurting feelings.

3. After three days of below-zero weather, the wind started to howl tonight. By Friday, we’re supposed to have 38 degrees and snow then freezing rain then more snow (over the corse of twenty-four hours). This is when the better home prices and being closer to family start to pale in comparison to not driving an hour to work.

4. I bought a new iron tonight because my old one wasn’t steaming consistently and, as a result, wasn’t pressing fabrics (for sewing) as well as I’d like. But this one seems to hiss and spit water a lot, so it may be going back.

5. Speaking of shopping, I am using (and loving!) Target’s Cartwheel app, because they finally enabled you to use it through your account instead of connecting through Facebook. I love ya, Target, but I’m not posting you to my wall. Anywho, the app is great. I’m saving money on stuff that’s already in my cart, it can be combined with RedCard and mobile coupons, and it can be combined with manufacturer coupons. I know this sounds like an ad, but really, I just like Target.

6. My sister has some pretty awesome things going on, and it makes me happier than I really can explain. She was treated like crap for so long at her last couple of jobs that it makes me want to weep for joy when people are nice to her.

7. I started watching Doctor Who. I’m only two episodes in, but I definitely want to see where this is going. I’ve been duly warned that the first season or so is very campy and that it gets less so. I’m glad I was, because otherwise I might be giving a few of you the silent, questioning side eye right now. Don’t get me wrong, I like it well enough, but I’m not in love with it yet. It’s nice to know it has potential.

Seven is about all I have in me tonight. Sleep and an upcoming weekend will help me get my larger thoughts in order. I hope.


2 thoughts on “Seven Things

  1. One of these days I’m going to get myself to figure out Cartwheel. It only took me two years to get a Red Card even though I live a mile from Target.

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