Freezing Rain and Catching Fire

I wasn’t sure I would get to post today with all the weather craziness around here today. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, we’ve been under a Winter Storm Advisory for the last day or so. It was fifteen degrees below zero on Tuesday and it warmed up enough by today to give us freezing rain.

We had snow last night, then about nine this morning it started to rain. Then ice. Then hail. Then snow some more. The reports from the area I live (about an hour from work) got worse and worse throughout the day. The road my neighborhood is on was closed completely for hours due to the number of wrecks (20 cars in the ditch on ONE HILL). The two arterial roads that my road runs between were both closed at various times today. Three school buses went off the road, one overturning completely (thankfully no kiddos were hurt).

The brand-new truck my dad purchased six days ago to replace the one that hit a moose last week got its first bruises today when someone slid sideways in to him at a stoplight. The other guy wasn’t being reckless; the conditions were just that terrible. (Everyone’s fine and everything is fixable.)

So midday, I made the call to stay in the city. I ran to Target and snagged some cheap clearance pajamas, a toothbrush, some toothpaste, and some deodorant (that will all now live in a bag in my car for emergencies). God bless Target.

When I checked in with my best friend to see if I could crash at her place, she invited me to go see Catching Fire with her and her husband. Um, yes please! It was so good, guys. It’s been about a year since I read the books, so there were a few things I had forgotten. But I didn’t forget that it ends abruptly on a cliffhanger. You could tell which people in the theater had read the books and which hadn’t by the responses to the end. Much indignation was had by (almost) all.

After the movie, I still hemmed and hawed about whether I should attempt the drive home or not. I’d gotten reports that the roads had improved slightly with the return of the snow. Then my best friend promised to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast and the decision was made. So I’m snuggled safe in bed at her house after getting some time with Little L, and I’ll attempt to drive home in the morning. In the light. After the cinnamon rolls. And some more baby snuggles, of course.


3 thoughts on “Freezing Rain and Catching Fire

  1. We’re settling in for the worst winter in years here. Which I can safely say as we haven’t had a hard freeze the past two years, so it won’t take much. Just my luck, I’ll go into labor when we’ve got freezing rain & all the idiots on the road.

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