A Few of My Favorite Things

Sara recently posted about her favorite things, Oprah-style. What a fun way to share gift ideas and useful products! So without further ado (because, let’s face it, I’ll say plenty below), some of my favorite things:

1. Winter Dream Tea from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
This tea is so delightful. It’s a rooibos and black tea base with mulling spices (cinnamon, clove, orange peel, etc.) and it’s like Christmas in a cup. It’s only available seasonally, so I stock up when I can. In store, they’ll make it into a tea latte with their signature vanilla powder and it’s also very good. Unfortunately, I don’t have a store here, so I make do with tea bags. It’s pretty good cold, too.

2. Cabrio Pet Carrier
This one is a total crazy cat lady item but it is so useful. I love that it opens from the top as well as the front. Satan’s Cat often refuses to be removed through the front of the carrier, so the top hatch is a nice option to have. I also really like that the front door is like a bubble. I feel like it gives her a bigger view and better idea of her surroundings. Finally, a seatbelt can be looped through the handle to secure it during car rides. I feel safer knowing she’s not going to get tossed around.

3. Dove Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate
I believe this is a flavor exclusive to Target. I don’t typically like dark chocolate, but it’s perfect with the salty caramel. The little bite-sized pieces make it easy to eat way too many of these, but they’re just so good!

4. b. Toys
With the exception of the seemingly universally hated cat piano, I love their toys. They are clever, beautifully-colored, and at a decent price point. I’ve bought several different toys from this line as gifts and they are well-loved.

5. Static Guard
This one is kind of lame, but I use this so, so, so much. Far North gets extremely dry in the winter and everything is just full of static. I use this on skirts, scarves, and my hair. I don’t love the smell but it’s the only option so I live with it. It makes a huge difference.

6. Village Naturals White Tea and Jasmine Milk Bath and Body Wash
This is my go-to bubble bath. It’s so moisturizing and the fragrance is fresh and light. I’ve used this for years and I’m always terrified it’s going to be discontinued. If I ever see it on clearance at Target, I’m buying as much as I can get my hands on.

7. Gingher Sewing Shears
My best friend bought these for me for my birthday a couple of years ago and I’m so glad she did. The price point made me shy away from buying them for myself. Now that I have them, I can’t imagine using anything else. They are ridiculously sharp and well-balanced. If you’re a person who sews of crafts, they are totally worth it.

8. Monet Artist Stylus from Brookstone
This is great for writing or drawing on a touchscreen tablet or phone. I use my iPad mini for taking meeting notes and marking up PDFs at work and it’s nice to have a stylus for that. I love how it’s balanced; it feels so comfortable in my hand. I also really like the nib. It’s a little stiffer than others I’ve tried, which makes it more precise and responsive. I bought two at the same time on 70% off clearance at Target, but it’s nice to know they’re still available direct from Brookstone. I’m in constant fear of losing them.

9. iPad mini
I’ve had mine a month and it’s probably in my top-five favorite purchases I’ve ever made (behind my house and vying for a tie with my mattress set). It’s so much more screen space than my phone but isn’t as big or bulky as a full-sized iPad would be. I’ve done all of my NaBloPoMo posts on it. It’s so much easier than dragging out the laptop. I feel like it has already paid for itself in convenience and utility just in the month I’ve had it.

What are some of your favorite things? If you haven’t already, you should play along. If you do post about yours, leave a link in the comments on Sara’s post. If you’re so inclined, I’d love a link in the comments here, too.


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