Is That Just What I Get?

One more day. I think I can handle that. Just one more day of work and then a glorious four days off. Unfortunately, tomorrow also happens to be the last business day of the month and, for us, the last one of the quarter as well. So it’s bound to be busy, although I’m turning more and more end-of-month stuff over to someone else.

I’m definitely glad I went to Walmart at (late) lunch today instead of trying after work or tomorrow. I’m assigned to bring the ranch dip, the corn, and the chocolate pie to Thanksgiving so I needed a few things. I took the chance and bought milk and sour cream because even though I wasn’t going home for several hours, it was twenty-seven degrees out and I had a cooler bag. I handed it to the checker and said, “Only for the cold stuff.” She nodded, put the milk and sour cream in there, then proceeded to add scented lotion and a candle I was also buying. I said, “No, please don’t put the scented items in with my food. And I want only the two cold things in there.” She cheerfully said, “Oh, you want plastic. OK!” and took the lotion and candle out. Then started putting cans of corn and a graham cracker pie crust and a box of pudding back in. I finally just let her fill it, then when she handed it to me, I removed and bagged separately everything that wasn’t supposed to be in there. I feel like kind of a jerk for being annoyed, because there feasibly could have been a language barrier, but it didn’t seem like it. I don’t know if I handled it correctly or at all well. Bagging them myself seems…rude, but she either wasn’t listening or wasn’t understanding. I don’t know. I feel a bit weird about the whole thing.

Then I went to the McDonald’s in the store to grab a quick bite, now that I had spent my lunch buying things and rebagging them. It took forever to get the cashier notice I was there and take my order. Then I was given, in turn, the wrong size cup, no receipt when I had specifically asked for one, and my “to-go” order on a tray. When I called attention to each of these things, they were promptly fixed and maybe it was just a busy day before I got there. But the way he fixed my order being on a tray was that he grabbed my food with his bare hands (that had previously been handling my credit card and receipt and who knows what else) and put it in a bag. Which is fine, if it’s all in packages. But the fries are all just coming out the top of the sleeve and now he’s actually touching all of my fries. Again, maybe I was in the wrong to be annoyed, and it can’t have bothered me that much because I ate them, but still.

I felt a little like I’d crash landed in to the second example from this post of Kelly’s. People could say, “Well, that’s just what you get.” But I don’t think the bagging request was unreasonable, and I definitely don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect my order to be right and for no one to touch my food. There’s a base-level expectation of service that wasn’t met. And it was minor, don’t get me wrong. It didn’t ruin my day (except here I am spending all the words in the English language on it) and nobody got hurt. But it was mildly frustrating to feel like I couldn’t just walk in to a place that is there for a purpose and fulfill that purpose easily for myself.

This is really getting away from me. Mostly, I’m wondering if my expectations really WERE reasonable because now I’m questioning how I could have handled the checker in a better way. Ask her a third time? I just don’t know. At the time it felt like pressing the issue was ruder than just doing it myself.

Anyway, one more day until some days off. If this mess of a post is any indication, I need them.


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