Freezing Rain and Catching Fire

I wasn’t sure I would get to post today with all the weather craziness around here today. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, we’ve been under a Winter Storm Advisory for the last day or so. It was fifteen degrees below zero on Tuesday and it warmed up enough by today to give us … Continue reading


Yesterday was the four-year anniversary of closing on my house and today is the anniversary of moving in to it. Buying a house was one of the hardest, scariest, best things I ever did. I still get a little thrill every time I round the corner and my house comes into view. I fell in … Continue reading

Seven Things

I swear I have longer, more significant posts in me somewhere. I have several that are kind of marinating about in my head, but I haven’t had the time to do them justice. The last couple of days have just taken it out of me. So maybe just a quick-hits-style post tonight. 1. My best … Continue reading

Lunchtime Interloper

I’ve been running solid for almost twenty hours now, so this will be brief, but I couldn’t break the streak. Based on the burn up on reentry today, I shouldn’t have been quite so smug about getting out of Monday yesterday. My morning culminated in an unexpected outdoor tour of a customer’s facility at eight … Continue reading

On the Radio

Far North is generally a weird place. It kind of has to be, in some ways. It’s cut off from the rest of the country, it has ridiculously extreme weather, and it attracts a certain…independent spirit. Even so, with the advent of the Internet, you would think we’d see how others are doing things and … Continue reading

Christmas Cheer or Bust!

There’s a local radio station here that switches exclusively to Christmas music in mid-November. i happened to catch them last night on the way home as they were switching. Yay, CHRISTMAS MUSIC! I know it’s a little early for some people, but I plan to Happy the CRAP out of the Holidays this year. See, … Continue reading

It’s The End Of The Week As We Know It

And I feel…not too bad, actually. Today was better than yesterday. After putting all the garbage in the can last night, I almost forgot to put the can at the curb. (Heh. Like we have actual curbs.) But when pulled out of the driveway, I noticed all of my neighbors had their cans out and … Continue reading

Good Things

Today was a little rough. I had a customer who called our corporate offices to complain about me, so my boss got a call from his boss about it. That’s never good. The customer’s complaints were unfounded and mostly were an excuse to air twenty-five years of perceived grievances to someone who had to listen, … Continue reading

What’s All Your Furniture Pointed At?

I’m running a little low on steam for daily posts, so I checked out Ginger’s “Bring Back The Words” prompts. Week 8 had one that looked interesting to me: “Share your top 10 favorite TV shows.” So, in no particular order, because I couldn’t rank them, here are my favorites. There might be a few … Continue reading