NaBloPoMo NoMo?

Well that was…anticlimactic. Because I’ve been posting late at night, and because it’s the weekend, I totally lost track and thought I had one more day of posting for NaBloPoMo. But no! It was done yesterday! Which I should have realized yesterday when I signed my name and wrote the date on one thousand pieces of paper to buy my car. I can’t imagine how much more paperwork there would have been to sign if I was financing instead of paying in cash.

But I actually posted something every day for thirty whole days. NaBloPoMo was good for me. It has been a long time since I was in the habit of posting regularly. I probably won’t be able to keep up an every day pace. I mean, let’s face it. Some of the posts in the last month were a pretty far stretch. It was a little touch-and-go there in the middle of the month. But I’m hoping it will make me post more than…never.

I still have some longer (or more involved) posts I’d like to get to. I never told you the story of the work insanity from this summer as promised. I still plan to. Maybe I’ll do it in serial form, since it’s practically a real-life soap opera. I still plan to do a house tour. I just have to do a good, deep cleaning, which will happen in the next two weeks before Elise visits. I’d like to post about some of the good books I’ve read in the last couple of months. My Goodreads is seriously out of date so if you’re my friend over there, I apologize in advance for the ridiculous avalanche in your feed when I get it caught up. I also have a couple more crafts I want to do tutorials of and a couple of Pinterest pins I’ve tried (to various results).

So there’s a couple of things to maybe look forward to. But for now, hey, look! Thirty-ONE days in a row!


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