Posted in November 2012

Great Fullness

Hold the phone. This weekend was about gratefulness, not great fullness? I think I might have done it wrong. Like many people, I had a four-day weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday. The long weekend was sorely needed, mainly because I never feel like I have enough time or energy to do anything when I get home … Continue reading

Ze Best Sing In Ze Whole World

This post is going to be almost entirely about my niece and how cute she is. If you don’t like kids who say ridiculous and silly things, then…well, I’m not entirely sure we can be friends in the first place, but you also might want to skip this one. A couple of weeks ago, I … Continue reading

Oh Crappy Day!

Thanks to the amazing Doing My Best, I’m get to participate in a Crappy Day Present exchange. Basically, you send (and receive) a box full of small gifts to hold in reserve in the unfortunate (but now made more fortunate) event of a crappy day. The idea is that when you have a crappy day, you … Continue reading